Euro 2020 Opening Marks Return of Mega-Scale Sports Events

After a year of virtual and socially distanced events, the European Championship—better known as Euro 2020—is set to kick off in June 2021, marking the return of large-scale sporting events. This tournament will span 12 countries and feature some of the best teams in Europe—from England to France to Germany. It is sure to be a spectacular show of sport and friendship between countries.

Euro 2020’s Unique Format

The Euro 2020 tournament is unique for several reasons, primarily due to its format. Unlike other major tournaments, this one will span across 12 different countries instead of being held in one central location. This allows countries that may not have had a chance to host the tournament before to get in on the action. Each team will play two games at home and two away from home, with each nation hosting three group stage matches and either one or two knockout stage matches depending on their performance level. This offers an exciting opportunity for fans all across Europe to experience one of the world’s biggest tournaments up close and personal!

What To Expect From Euro 2020

Euro 2020 is sure to be an eventful tournament full of excitement, competitive spirit, and friendly rivalry. The teams participating are some of the best in Europe; England hopes they can shake off their reputation as “chokers” while Germany eyes another title win after winning it all back in 2016. Other favorites include France (the defending champions) and Belgium (who have some incredibly talented players). In addition, we can also expect plenty of surprises as underrated teams like Poland and Hungary look to make their mark on the tournament.

No matter what happens during Euro 2020, it will be an incredible spectacle that celebrates both sportsmanship and national pride. The players involved are sure to give it their all as they look forward to making history on this grand stage!


Euro 2020 promises an amazing show for football fans around the world. With 12 countries taking part in this special tournament, there’s sure to be plenty of competition, surprises, and excitement along the way! As we eagerly await kick-off on June 11th 2021, let us take this time to celebrate this incredible opportunity for nations around Europe come together through sport! We can’t wait!

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