Hitman Holla Twitter Video

The Hilarious Twitter Video That Put Hitman Holla on the Map

Blog Introduction: If you’re a fan of comedy, chances are you’ve seen—or at least heard of—Hitman Holla’s now-famous Twitter video. In the video, Hitman Holla performs three minutes of stand-up comedy that quickly went viral after it was posted to Twitter in 2018. So, what is it about this video that made it so special? Let’s dive into why this video put Hitman Holla on the map.

What Makes This Video Stand Out?

The first thing that stands out about this particular video is its length; at just under three minutes long, it does not take up a lot of time to watch or share. Secondly, Hitman Holla’s delivery style is particularly captivating; he speaks slowly and deliberately but with an energy and enthusiasm that keeps viewers engaged throughout his entire performance. Finally, the jokes themselves are very relatable; they touch on topics like family relationships and work woes that everyone can identify with. All these factors combined make for a memorable viewing experience.

The Impact of This Video

This video had an immediate impact on Hitman Holla’s career as a comedian; within days he was being invited to perform stand-up gigs all over the country and his following on social media began to grow exponentially. It also paved the way for more comedic videos from him in the future; since then, Hitman has released several more videos that have gone viral, cementing him as one of today’s most popular comedians online.


Hitman Holla’s now-famous Twitter video is an example of how much impact even a short piece of content can have when done well. Its combination of tight editing and relatable jokes made it an instant hit with viewers who found it both funny and engaging. As a result, this short but sweet video propelled Hitman’s career forward in ways few could have predicted when it was first released back in 2018 – making it one for the ages!

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