Do WaterHog Mats Really Work?

Are you unsure if WaterHog mats are effective? You’re in the right spot if so. This blog post will discuss the effectiveness of these mats and why they are so popular with homeowners, businesses, as well as organizations. This post will give you a solid understanding of the WaterHog mats’ benefits and their famed ability to stop dirt and moisture from entering your home.

What is a WaterHog Mat and How Does It Work?

Since 1986, the WaterHog mat has been America’s favorite mat. It was commercially introduced by The Andersen Company (Now Matting). Its unique bi-level surface is what makes it so popular. It features a stain-resistant fabric that is molded to a durable rubber backing. The raised nubs create channels and there is a water dam border.

Yes, they do work!

WaterHog mats work. The water-resistant rubber nubs covered in fabric and rubber nubs efficiently scrape dirt from shoes and remove moisture. It then falls below the channels, keeping it under foot traffic. Water Dam is a rubber border or fashion fabric border that stops water from getting on your floors. These dams are so efficient that Logo mats can hold 1.5 gallons per square yard of water. The WaterHog mat traps dirt and moisture in channels below foot traffic.

Are WaterHog mats safe to use outside?

Yes, WaterHog mats can be used outdoors, but they must be covered from rain and snow. The mats are designed to hold water, so they can quickly become a puddle if placed in direct rain. The WaterHog(tm), Drainable Border Outdoor mats do not have a water dam to allow water to drain from the edges. The Drainable is not recommended for use in doors.

It’s made from eco-friendly materials, making it a better mat

WaterHog’s most popular styles are made with PET. It is an eco-friendly polyester made of recycled plastic bottles. WaterHog Eco and WaterHog products use 100% post-consumer recycled fabric. The PET fabric is eco-friendly and quickly dries. WaterHog Masterpiece Select Mat and WaterHog Diamondcord Mat are the only ones that use solution-dyed polypropylene fabric. It is stain resistant, dries quickly and will not fade or rot.

WaterHog Plus and all other styles are made with SBR rubber backing that contains 20% post-consumer rubber from car tires. They are not compressed like other mats or poured like vinyl mats. SBR rubber is not prone to cracking or curling at the edges, which can pose a trip hazard. There are two options for backing surface finishes. You can choose from cleated backing to use on carpet, or smooth backing to use on hard surfaces like tile. WaterHog Plus mats have a Nitrile rubber 90 mil thick, making them easily washable. These mats are also heavier at 90 mils, which helps them stay in place for high winds.

Can my company logo and message be printed on a WaterHog mat

You can. There are two options. WaterHog Inlay or WaterHog Impressions HD. WaterHog Impressions HD, a digitally printed Logomat. You can choose from 56 standard colors and get detailed results to reproduce your Logo in its entirety. The WaterHog Inlay is the second choice. The WaterHog Inlay, as its name suggests, is an inlay product. WaterHog inlay mats have your logo inlaid in razor-sharp precision on a WaterHog mat. The precise inlay process involves cutting the mat to reveal your logo. Colors are then inlaid into the cut-out like a puzzle. Both logo mat options meet WaterHog performance standards.

Waterhog mats are great at keeping dirt and moisture out of your home. Made in the USA, they are made with high-quality materials that will last for many years. WaterHog offers over 18 styles to choose from, so you can find the right mat for your entranceway.


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