Benefits of Selecting Electrical Installation Condition Report

It is vital to have regular insight into the electrical system of a building in order to protect people and property. Although not all property owners are required to have an electrical installation condition report, it is beneficial for anyone who wants to order this type of inspection regularly.

A professional electrician will create an EICR Certificate after completing a thorough inspection of the electrical system in a building or home. Inspections are important because electrical installations can deteriorate over time. They allow property owners to make sure preventative maintenance is done before any potential problems grow into major, potentially fatal ones. A home or building should have an installation condition inspection at least every five years. In some cases, it may be recommended to schedule inspections every three years.

A professional electrician is required to obtain an electric installation condition report. Property owners will need to spend a little bit to get potentially life-saving information. However, these reports can save property owners money over the long-term and help them avoid electrical fire disasters.

These benefits will be available to property owners who take the initiative to obtain an inspection of their electrical installations condition reports.

  • The ability to recognize overloaded circuits. In commercial and residential settings, frequent trip of breakers can occur. Equipment will stop working when the power supply to the circuit is cut. Frequent overloading can cause serious damage to equipment such as televisions, computers, HVAC systems, and other electronic devices. An inspector will be able advise the property owner if there is a problem.
  • Ability to detect and remove fire hazards. During this inspection, an electrician will assess the health of electrical components and wiring in a building’s system. The property owners can learn if there are potential fire- or shock hazards. This information is vital to avoid potential disasters.
  • The ability to recognize any previous work that was not done correctly – Wires that have been damaged over time or circuits that trip frequently can pose a danger. A qualified inspector will inspect the problem and recommend immediate solutions.

A report on EICR is intended to give property owners peace of minds and empower them to avoid potential disaster. Owners can benefit from a report that identifies potential problems and allows them to take immediate steps to protect their property and people.


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