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FDA Nominee Faces Steep Senate Approval Process

Dr. Stephen Hahn, President Trump’s nominee to be the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is no stranger to controversy. He has been at the center of debates concerning vaping products, off-label uses of drugs, and the approval process for new treatments. The confirmation process for his nomination is expected to be contentious, as senators will use this opportunity to debate controversial issues related to the FDA’s role in public health.

The Role of the FDA:

As one of the most important regulatory agencies within the US government, the FDA oversees food safety, medical device safety, drug safety and efficacy, and other critical public health matters. It also evaluates and approves new treatments such as drugs and medical devices that can help save lives. Therefore, it is essential that any person nominated as its head have a thorough understanding of these issues.

Dr. Hahn’s credentials:

Dr. Hahn has had a long career in medicine working at academic institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He currently serves as Chief Medical Executive for the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston where he has held various positions since 2011. In addition to his clinical experience, he holds a Master’s degree in Health Care Delivery Science from Dartmouth College and a Doctorate in Medicine from Harvard Medical School.

Senate Confirmation Process:

During his confirmation hearing before the Senate Health Committee on November 19th 2019, Dr Hahn was asked questions about several controversial issues including e-cigarettes and gene editing technologies like CRISPR Cas-9 which were designed to edit genetic material within cells with great accuracy. He was also questioned on how he would handle conflicts between industry demands for faster approval processes and public health concerns over drug safety standards set by European countries which are often more stringent than those established by US agencies like the FDA.


While there is still much debate surrounding Dr Hahn’s qualifications for leading the FDA, he is widely respected among colleagues and peers due to his extensive background in medicine and healthcare delivery science from some of America’s top universities. His long list of accomplishments has led many observers to believe that if confirmed he could prove a valuable asset for helping improve public trust in an agency whose primary mission is protecting American citizens from unsafe or ineffective products released into our nation’s markets each year.  The Senate Health Committee’s vote on December 11th will determine whether or not he will be confirmed as Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration. All eyes are now on this critical decision that could have far reaching implications for public health both here in America as well abroad .

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