The Mental Health Benefits of Giving Gifts to Beer Lovers

The end-of-year holidays are perhaps the most well-known for their profound benefits and equally challenging times. We collectively view this season as positive. There are many common feelings at this time, such as happiness, love and connection. For many, however, the holiday season can bring up difficult relationships, long-term or short-term health issues, as well as material stress. This is because the holiday season asks us to be open and generous in many ways, both materially and immaterially.

Giving so much of yourself opens us up to joy, but also stress.

One of the main causes of holiday stress is stress related to shopping and giving. This includes the time, attention and Gifts for Beer Lovers. This can make it difficult for potential givers to be able to fulfill their own giving expectations and those of others. The general business of the season can completely overshadow the joy of receiving, even the anticipation of receiving care, gifts, or connection.

Although there are no guaranteed ways to alleviate holiday stressors completely, both giving and receiving can have positive effects on your mental health. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of the positive feelings that come with giving and receiving.

  • Accept receiving. Recognize and accept the gifts of the season. This can lead to positive feelings, increased enthusiasm, and greater connection.
  • Give meaningful gifts. Giving, whether in tangible or intangible, can bring joy, contentment and connection. It’s worth taking a moment to think about what gifts are most meaningful to you. Mental health benefits are derived from the inner connection and joy we feel with those we love, when we think about and plan for their enjoyment.
  • Giving big is not enough. It’s more important to give meaningfully. Studies consistently show that meaningful gifts are more valued than big-ticket items. High-end gifts with little intrinsic value, such as a custom playlist or photo compilation, have a greater impact on the receiver’s well-being than those that are expensive. It’s important to be realistic and compassionate, as gifting meaningful gifts to everyone on your list can be a source of stress.
  • Do it all. It can be very helpful to let go of the obligation to complete everything on a specific day.
  • Take it slow. Holiday gatherings are special because they involve gift-giving. Create a tradition around gift-giving and receiving. If you’re with loved ones, and you have multiple gifts to exchange, it is a good idea to open each one individually so that both the giver as well as the receiver can feel the positive emotions and feel-good chemicals.


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