Logo Mats:Why It’s A Must-Have For Every Business

Your company name, logo and/or slogan must be visible to the public in order to make your brand known to the general public or target audience. Brand visibility is key to brand awareness. Brand awareness can lead to curiosity which often leads to patronage and possibly brand loyalty. Brand visibility is key.

Branding items in your business with your logo and/or slogan is a great way to increase brand visibility. Your brand can be displayed on an indoor heavy-duty logo mat. This is one of the best and most eye-catching ways to do it. Entryway mats often get overlooked and are often the last thing on business owners’ minds. It’s great to brand your entryway mats, as they are essential to keeping your building or store clean and safe. For your employees, you can also check out anti-fatigue logo mats.

Ultimate Mats is a distributor of visually appealing custom logo mats. You have the opportunity to proudly display your logo and company name from your office’s entryways to your break rooms. When a patron or employee sees the logo, they attach a positive experience to your business. They will also be prompted to tell friends and family about your company or services. You will regret not taking advantage of the opportunity to promote your brand on carpet mats. These are the top four reasons custom floor mats should be a priority for any business.

Marketing is easy and cheap

Outdoor advertising is extremely effective. But, you also know that it can be expensive. Some businesses find that paying for outdoor advertising space is not cost-effective. That’s okay. A custom outdoor entrance mat can help you reach your target audience and the general public. An attractive logo mat placed outside your establishment will draw the attention of passersby as well as your patrons. This is the best out-of-home advertising you can afford. You don’t even need to calculate your reach or sign a lease or contract. Place the mat outside your establishment, and watch your brand grow.

You should not only use logo floor mats outside of your establishment. But, it is important to consider how you can use them inside your company to maintain your customers’ visual brand experience. A logo entrance mat can make even the most basic and unassuming shop accessories a powerful marketing tool. Your clientele will feel at home when they step onto a custom-made logo mat as they enter your store.


No matter where you are located, you will be using a customized mat system. It is important to have a mat system that effectively removes dirt, debris, and moisture from patrons’ feet before it can get onto your floors. This will protect your business from dirt and grime as well as save you time cleaning up after your employees. High quality Logo mats such as the WaterHog Inlay mat from Ultimate Mats can hold 1.5 gallons (snow, hail, rain, or sleet) per square yard. This is a quarter of a pound per square foot. A quality logo mat traps dirt and moisture, keeping your floors safe and hazard-free. It also keeps your employees busy sweeping and mopping. You won’t have to worry about dirt and water getting into your outdoor logo mat. The WaterHog mat’s water-dam barrier prevents dirt and moisture from accumulating on the floor around it.


You are probably aware of the many slip and falls that happen in showrooms each year as a business owner. You will need a mat system, no matter what type of flooring you have (e.g. carpet) to protect your guests and employees from slips and falls. You should choose non-skid, non-slip mats for your business. Also, since your logo must be on the mats, it is a good idea to brand them. This is a great way for you to take something that you already have in place and give it the job of marketing. This is a great way to make the most of your marketing budget, without spending too much.

Low Maintenance and Care

This could be your easiest marketing venture. A carpet logo mat is easy to maintain. Simply place the mat on the ground and let your patrons see it. Ultimate Mats’ logo mats do not need to be cleaned unless they are contaminated with dirt or grime, such as a spill. You will only need to vacuum your outdoor logo mat when it becomes stained. Your logo mat will dry naturally even if it is filled with water. However, if you’re in the middle of a rainy season or your mat needs to be cleaned more thoroughly, it can be done quickly and shouldn’t take you longer than ten to 15 minutes to get it back to its original shape.

A custom logo mat can be a great way for your business to be promoted using something that you most likely already have in your store. Outdoor advertising is a cost-effective and effective way to advertise your business. Ultimate Mats can help you create a custom logo mat in almost any size or color.



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