How to create WhatsApp links with WhatsApp Link Generator

Our Head of Business said, “In some countries, WhatsApp is like oxygen.” He said it so loud, that the entire world seemed to be paying attention. The next day, this trend was everywhere – WhatsApp link generator (for free). But, there are many websites that will generate this WhatsApp link. What’s the problem? Click the link to get started reaching out and educating your customers.

It’s easy enough, right?


  • Do you want to simplify things or make them more complicated?
  • Get more customers with a free WhatsApp link
  • More customers equal more conversations
  • More conversations equal more work
  • Increased workload means more resources are required
  • BAM! Your business is now doomed.

What’s the solution?

WhatsApp’s open rate is 98% and active users are 2B+. The WhatsApp link is undoubtedly the best option for business, but not without automation. You can find a solution that generates WhatsApp links for business, automates replies and generates leads. Before you rush to find one, let us take a few minutes to explain how WhatsApp links can be helpful. It is now that our time begins.

What are WhatsApp links?

A WhatsApp link is a URL that allows customers to chat with you and your business.

To greet your users on your chat, you can add a message to this link by using your WhatsApp business number.

Automating your business saves you the time and effort of manually responding to every customer. Chabot’s intelligently interact with customers and answer every question. You can create workflows and trigger multiple paths to launch multiple campaigns to promote and upsell your products/services.

What is a WhatsApp Link Generator?

WhatsApp link generator is a tool that allows you to create a WhatsApp chat connection for your business. These links can be used to reach customers via multiple WhatsApp business numbers.

Find out which of the more than 100 companies can help you create free WhatsApp links and how they will automate your replies!

It is said that you should close the loop, but don’t leave it open. Imagine 50 customers responding to your message. It would be difficult to respond to each of them one by one. In that case, we’ll bring the snacks!

WhatsApp links are essential for your business.

WhatsApp is where your customers and leads are.

To grow your business, it is important to establish relationships with them all.

WhatsApp is an essential channel.

WhatsApp links let your customers connect with you directly on WhatsApp, without the need for your business number.

WhatsApp links are now easy for you and your customers.

These are just a few of the many benefits that WhatsApp links offer.

  • Communication in real-time

You and your prospects can connect with each other in real time by using a WhatsApp link. Your customers can click the provided link in less than a second to chat with you while their curiosity is fresh. You can get the best out of every situation and increase your chances of selling by connecting with them immediately.

  • Lead generation is easy

Every person who clicks the link and initiates a conversation with you is a potential client. You automatically get their name, number and interest once they land on your WhatsApp. These leads can be easily integrated into your CRM and shared with sales people to help them move forward.

  • WhatsApp Marketing – No Hassle

WhatsApp has some amazing features, such as WhatsApp Broadcast and CTA buttons. These features allow you to create marketing campaigns and sell products directly on the channel. Due to the large user base of the channel, it is easier for businesses to convert leads into customers.

Different types of WhatsApp links

There are three types of WhatsApp links. Each one serves the same purpose: Each has the same purpose, i.e. to connect with prospects and collect leads. However, each one is used in a different way depending on its specific characteristics.

WhatsApp Link URL

This URL is the click-to-chat URL for WhatsApp. This URL can be shared to build relationships with users and gather data for leads. This feature can be added to your Instagram, YouTube and Facebook profiles. These URL links can be added to your email marketing messages to make you more visible to potential customers.

WhatsApp Chat Widget

WhatsApp chat widget is another option to Geobot, but it’s only for your website. It can be found at the bottom of any webpage. It acts as a popup and allows users connect to your WhatsApp business from your website.


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