Breaking Barriers: How Askly Offers Seamless Real-Time Translations

In today’s globalized world, breaking language barriers is essential for businesses to thrive. As e-commerce continues to expand across borders, the need for effective multilingual communication becomes paramount. This is where Askly, the intelligent multilingual live chat solution, steps in. In this article, we will explore how Askly is revolutionizing customer service for SME e-commerce businesses, making it easy, affordable, and Free chatbot exceptionally personal.

The Challenge with Chatbots

  1. Promises vs. Reality: Why Many Customers Dislike Chatbots

In an era where chatbots promise outstanding customer experiences, why do so many customers end up with negative ones? It’s time to raise the bar higher and redefine what exceptional customer service truly means.

Simplifying Multilingual Customer Service

  1. Making Multilingual Customer Service a Breeze

Multilingual customer service has traditionally been complex and expensive. However, Askly is changing the game by making it super simple and exceptionally personal, all while remaining affordable for every website.

The Pitfalls of Phone and Email

  1. Moving Beyond Phone and Email

Phone calls and emails are outdated channels How to add chat to website that lack the data-driven insights modern customers crave. With these channels, businesses often find themselves in a never-ending loop of questions, wasting time and losing customers. Modern customers want real-time experiences on websites, without the need for calls or emails. Askly fulfills this demand by providing a seamless, real-time chat experience.

Breaking Language Barriers

  1. Reliable and Seamless Real-Time Translations

Language barriers have always posed a challenge in customer communication. With Askly’s reliable and seamless real-time translations, businesses can now provide localized customer service effortlessly.

Data-Driven Customer Service

  1. Harnessing the Power of Data in Customer Service

Understanding your team’s performance and workload is crucial in delivering exceptional customer service. Askly empowers businesses with valuable insights, answering questions like: When are we busiest? How big is the workload? Can I see everyone’s response time and how many conversations each team member handled? How good/bad are we at responding in a timely manner? Who on my team is the busiest? Askly is the future of customer service, delighting your team with tools that enhance performance, reduce effort, and ultimately lead to more satisfied customers.

The Askly Advantage

Askly is tailor-made for sales and support teams, designed to provide exceptionally personal customer service with 100% localization. It offers insights, team assignment, and note-taking capabilities, all without the need for extensive development.

Real-World Success Stories

Numerous businesses across Europe, such as Ingamo, Marimofashion, Swift, Sportland, PolarWise, Macta Beauty, and Ballzy, have harnessed the power of Askly multilingual chat. They have experienced:

  • Exceptionally personal customer service
  • Removal of language barriers through seamless real-time translation
  • 2X fewer costs and effortless scaling

Unlocking Your Potential with Askly

Would you like to:

  1. a) Increase sales and recurring revenue with ease by 25%? b) Build trust among a 100X bigger audience?

Sales and support teams worldwide have already benefited from Askly’s capabilities. Now it’s your turn to supercharge your customer experience with zero development effort. With Askly, you can set up in just 2 minutes and receive onboarding support with a single call.

Next Steps

Ready to experience the Askly advantage? Schedule a short demo call to validate how Askly can transform your customer service. Book your demo here.

And if you’re still unsure, why not try our free trial? No obligations, just a chance to feel the difference for yourself. We’ll take care of your team and ensure a smooth onboarding process, just like we’ve done more than a hundred times before.


In a world where global communication is key, Askly stands as the bridge that connects businesses and customers, breaking down language barriers and redefining what exceptional customer service means. With Askly, you can provide a real-time, multilingual, and data-driven customer experience that sets you apart from the competition.


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