7 reasons why what you wear in the gym really matters

Do you prefer fashion or comfort when it comes to clothing to workout in? Most of us fall somewhere between the two. While we may spend a lot on compression leggings that wick sweat and promote recovery, the top of our wardrobe is an old, large cotton t-shirt. Is it really important what you wear to the gym?

Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between what you wear and how you perform. It also shows a direct correlation with motivation levels and the likelihood of injury.

Nick Harris, a leading human performance expert and creator of HPE Activewear shares his specialist advice about how our exercise clothes can affect our results.

  1. It can help prevent injuries

When you’re an avid exerciser, it is important to wear the right clothing. Lack of proper equipment, including clothing, is a major cause of many sports injuries. Whatever sport you choose, make sure you have the right clothing. You want to protect yourself against injury, strain, and overheating.

“I recommend investing in quality compression wear. This type of kit increases circulation, blood flow to your heart, delivers much-needed oxygen to your working muscles, reduces fatigue, and manages lactic acid accumulation. It also helps to improve endurance, power, and recovery.

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  1. You won’t feel restricted

Lightweight bikini sale and well-designed clothing should feel like second skin. This will ensure that you aren’t restricted when you train. You will be able to focus on your workout and concentrate on the task at the hand by exercising in complete comfort. It is important to choose clothing that allows for full movement. When shopping for fitness clothing, be sure to pay attention not only to the design but also the tailoring. Choose seamless clothing that won’t irritate or rub your skin.

  1. It regulates and controls the body’s temperature

You’ll be thankful you didn’t wear that cotton top to the gym after a hard workout. Cotton absorbs sweat easily, retains moisture and leaves you feeling heavy and damp. Choose lightweight, breathable, and sweat-wicking fabrics that will draw moisture away from your body. This will leave you feeling dry, comfortable, and cool. Intelligent fabrics such as XT Air or XT Air ICE can regulate your body temperature so you can perform at the highest level and in maximum comfort.

  1. It can increase performance

You’ve probably heard the expression “dress for success” and it can be applied to your attire in the gym. Intelligent fabrics, made from high-quality materials, work well with your body to increase performance and withstand the demands of intense training. This will help you perform at your best. Comfort is key to improved performance. It is important to choose fitness clothing that is specifically designed for the activity you are engaged in. Look for sweat-wicking fabrics that draw moisture away. FRESHFIT technology, which includes silver ions, is designed to resist bacteria buildup and keep you feeling refreshed.

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  1. It can increase confidence

“Clothing can empower us in every day life and when we work out, contribute to our confidence levels, and raise self-esteem. There’s even an psychological phenomenon known as “enclothed cognition”, which states that clothing can cause mental changes that positively impact performance and confidence. Simply put, if you look good, it makes you more confident. Investing in gym equipment that feels like you belong can make you feel better and help you conquer your workouts.

  1. It affects your skin

Low quality, often inexpensive active wear can cause skin irritations that can lead to rashes or itching. Itching can be caused by increased blood flow to the skin from exercise. Skin problems can also be caused by sweat, dehydration and tight clothing. Itchy heat rash can also be caused by intense exercise. Make sure you choose light fabrics that are breathable and able to wick sweat away from your skin.

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  1. It can be motivating

New equipment is what motivates people to get in the gym. You’ll feel great and look great, which is something you want in a gym surrounded with mirrors. It can be costly to buy new clothes for your gym every time you experience a slump in your workout. We have created a new quarterly subscription box service to help you curate a selection of high-tech, luxurious fitness clothing from . Customers will enjoy significant savings on our top-selling products and fabric technologies. The ‘build your box’ option allows you to select from a variety of colours and designs to fit your exercise and lifestyle.


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