Casino players are always afraid of being taken advantage of by the casino. It is easy for players to believe that live dealer blackjack is rigged because everything is so impersonal and technological. Blackjack’s Popularity allows crooked casinos to easily lure in naive blackjack players.

This article will explain live dealer blackjack, and whether or not it is rigged.

What is a rigged live dealer blackjack game?

Live Dealer Blackjack is a popular way to play this game. You can play land-based blackjack in the comfort of your own home. But cheating dealers will ruin any experience.

Rigged live dealer Blackjack is all about using various methods to put a player in a disadvantage. This can include setting up the game so that dealers receive the best possible hand or giving an edge to a specific player.

Hand signals

In a live slotxoth game that is rigged, live dealer use subtle but specific hand signals to convey information. These signals are often indicators on the hidden card of the dealer.

A hand signal that can be used is to slide your thumb along the middle of the shoes as if you were preparing it. The number of thumbs swiped can be used to determine the value of the hidden card.

Here are some hand signals live dealers commonly use. You can learn a lot by watching how croupiers run live dealer games and casino tables. You can tell if a dealer is using hand signals to communicate with a player.

Second Dealing

According to Blackjack rules a dealer will draw the top card from a shoe/deck before distributing each player’s hole cards. Cheating croupiers, however, will deal the second card from the deck, instead of the first, and this is known as second dealing. The dealer will keep a soundcard for themselves or an accomplice.

What can the second deal do to a game or tournament? A pre-arranged deck allows crooked players to give themselves, or anyone else, Aces or trash cards. Aces can be used to make natural blackjack or Soft Hands. Live dealer games that are rigged often result in dealers making natural blackjack.

Have More Low Cards

The odds for obtaining a blackjack are increased by high cards (A to 10). They can also increase the risk of a player losing their money.

Croupiers can remove one or more cards from the deck if they feel that this situation is appropriate. By removing low cards or buffer cards, players are at a higher risk of going bust when they split or hit their Blackjack hands. Dealers can be safe because they play after each player. This increases the chance of losing all hands before the dealer plays.

In addition, by removing the majority of cards from the deck, most strategies can become useless. Live dealers have 8 decks of cards in their shoes. This gives them an equal amount of high and low cards. The odds of different hands changing when the cards are altered puts many players at a disadvantage. The dealers are more likely to benefit from a natural blackjack if they also do second-dealing.

DO REAL RIGGED Live Dealers Exist?

Blackjack cheating is not a hypothetical scenario. In 2017, a blackjack game cheating incident involving live blackjack dealers occurred.

During the blackjack game at BetOnline Casino, was caught by a Global Gaming Labs dealer while he was dealing cards for the second time.

The GGL dealer was playing a game against Michael Morgenstern, a gambler that caught the croupier cheating. He then circulated this information across the Internet.

Michael Morgenstern said that the dealer was holding an eight-up. Michael received an 11, then drew six cards, for a total of 17, and chose to stand.

He noticed that the dealer dealt him the second card instead of the top one. The dealer then continued to give themselves a 10, a complete card. The dealer ended up winning the hand with an 18.

If this transaction was done regularly, Michael would get 11+8, which is 19. The croupier, on the other hand would have acquired 8+8, resulting in 16, and was forced to strike again.

BetOnline only licensed the games from the studio. This means that they are not involved since they didn’t control the dealers at GGL.

There are two possible explanations for the incident – either GGL hired the live dealer to do second dealing, or the dealer accidentally did it.

It is hard to confirm conclusively whether the first scenario actually occurred. After a month BetOnline Casino changed their live casino providers from GGL, to Visionary iGaming.

How to avoid rogue live dealers?

Blacklisted Online Casinos

You can search for blacklisted online casino sites on review and directory websites in order to avoid casinos and live studios that are rigged and involved with disputes. Search for any relevant gambling scandals that led to the blacklisting of casinos and keep an eye out for sketchy live dealers. This is the most effective way to locate legitimate live dealer blackjack websites.

You can read different reviews on various websites about a particular live casino to get a variety of opinions. You can use this to find Slotxo live dealer games that are fair.

How to Read the Dealer’s Personality

It is important to read and observe the personality of a live dealer. This is not about reading the intentions of the dealer to catch them red-handed. This tip is all about recognizing the signs that a dealer may be crooked.

People with something to conceal will exhibit behaviors like keeping their head down and not talking. This attitude indicates criminal intent to take advantage of players.

If a dealer answers almost all of the questions asked by players, you can be sure that they are legitimate. Some legitimate dealers interact actively with players. This is a sign of a dealer that puts the gambling experience of all players first.

Dealers rotate in order to give them a rest or prevent any collusion between the players. You might be playing a rigged casino game if you see a croupier still running a game after being called out on their bad behavior or cheating.