Boris Johnson Black Eye

On June 15th, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was spotted with a black eye at a cricket match. The story quickly made headlines around the world as people speculated about what could have caused Johnson’s injury. In this blog post, we will look at the various theories and attempt to find out what really happened to cause Boris Johnson’s black eye.

Theories Abound

Almost immediately after the photo of Johnson with his black eye went viral, speculation started running rampant. Some suggested that he had been in a fight while others suggested that he had been injured during a game of tennis. A few even speculated that it may have been the result of domestic abuse. Despite all of these theories, however, there has yet to be any definitive answer given as to how Johnson obtained his injury.

The Official Story

When asked about the incident, Johnson’s spokesperson said only that “It was an accident” and refused to elaborate further. This statement did little to quell speculation but it did put an end to some of the more outlandish theories. It seems clear then that whatever happened was not intentional or malicious and may have simply been an accident stemming from a sport or physical activity.

Reaction From The Public

Regardless of how it happened, many people were shocked by the sight of Boris Johnson with a black eye. While some showed sympathy for him and wished him well on his recovery, others were less sympathetic and used the incident as an opportunity to criticize him or joke about it on social media. Ultimately though, most people just wanted some answers and clarity on exactly what happened so they could put the matter to rest once and for all.


Despite its high-profile nature, we still don’t know what happened to cause Boris Johnson’s black eye—only that it was accidental in nature according to his spokesperson’s statement. While this has done little to quell speculation among members of the public who are eager for answers, it does indicate that whatever occurred was likely not malicious or premeditated in any way but simply an unfortunate accident stemming from a sport or physical activity gone wrong . Regardless of how it happened though, we sincerely hope that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is able make a full recovery soon!

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