Best Areas to Add Custom Floor Mats

Customized logo mats make a great addition to any business. Make a lasting impression on your clients with a custom logo mat. All custom floor mats are printed using the most advanced digital printers. These mats are crisp and functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing. You can greet your guests with customized floor mats in a wide range of vivid colors and textual effects. You can also use 3-D imaging and shading to create logo mats.

A logo mat can help you to raise the brand awareness of your company. The best place to place these mats is in high-traffic areas that customers are likely to see. As a business owner, this is your chance to make customers remember your brand every time they enter and exit the building. Your chances of customers returning are greater if you make more impressions. These are the top areas where you can add custom logo rugs to your business.


An essential addition to any facility is an entrance mat. You should choose a mat that will remove dirt and water from your shoes. The entrance mat should be welcoming, and placed where customers will enter the building. A customized logo for your business will increase customer return rates.


Your business’s lobby is a great place to display your custom logo mat. Your customers will respond positively to your custom mat if it is high quality. Graphic Impression logo rugs, heavy-duty floor mats made using a state of the art digital printer, are tough and durable. No matter how complicated the design, there are endless color options. Computer-controlled dyes give you the best detail possible for any image.


Bathroom mats make restroom facilities safe, clean, and free from odors. Bathroom mats show patrons you care about their safety and comfort in the most intimate spaces. All of our products for bathroom mats are made with hygiene in mind. They absorb water and kill bacteria to keep your facilities clean.

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