7 Top Affiliate Marketing Products

Affiliate marketing enables publishers, small businesses and independent bloggers to monetize and turn traffic into a revenue stream. With a unique affiliate link, affiliate marketers promote merchant products and services and receive a commission for any sales or leads generated.

To become a successful affiliate marketing, you must first understand your audience and then offer products that meet those needs. Your blog should not be about selling dog supplies.

It can be overwhelming to know which affiliate marketing programs you should join and find the best affiliate products. This article will help you to maximize your efforts.

Which are the best affiliate products to sell?

The best products for affiliates to promote are those that resonate with your audience, generate the most income, and bring you the most sales.

As long as there is a connection between the products and niches, you can choose from many. Let’s suppose you are a lifestyle blogger who has a predominantly female audience. Although beauty products are a great fit, they have lower commission rates. Higher commission rates are available for financial products.

Women account for two-thirds global household spending. This could make it a niche that you can fill. According to the research, women also need your guidance.

Here are some of the top affiliate marketing products.

  1. Financial Products

Because consumers are constantly searching for ways to save money, and spend more smartly, financial products are always in high demand.

This broad niche covers credit cards, insurance policies and loans. It is worth it to affiliate market financial products as some commissions are over $100

  1. Products for Dating

Singles have become used to swiping right and left in their search for the perfect person. But people are still searching more than 40 million Americans use online dating services.

Dating is an eternal topic, unlike fashion and tech products that can be outdated. The time spent on content development will pay dividends for many years.

You can promote popular dating sites such as, or join other niche dating affiliate programs.

  1. Real Estate Products

It is possible to make a lot of money by joining an affiliate realty program.

This niche is competitive, but there are many options and high commission rates. The entire process can be confusing for potential home buyers.

You can take advantage of this by recommending reliable real estate firms, banks offering favorable mortgage terms, or homeowners’ insurance like Real Estate Express.

  1. Travel products

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the travel industry, but there are still ways to make an affiliate income. Choose your products carefully.

Data shows that hotels are not doing as well as short-term rentals. Because people prefer peace and solitude, they are more likely to choose accommodation in rural areas or on beaches or rivers.

You could use this to your advantage. This is a great opportunity to promote short-term rentals in other places via travel platforms such as Vrbo. Short-term rentals are less expensive than hotel rooms with comparable amenities and so you can make more sales.

  1. Gaming Products

As people of all ages look for high-powered consoles and computers to enjoy their entertainment, the gaming industry is growing fast.

In 2020, it was predicted that 2.7 billion gamers would spend more than $159 billion on gaming . The market value for games is expected to surpass $200 billion by 2023.

How can you make money and profit from this demand? The gaming niche offers the benefit of having a lot of products to market and many affiliate programs that can make you money.

You could endorse GameFly and promote in-game guides for popular titles like World of Warcraft.

  1. Fashion Products

Fashion is a lucrative industry because there are many brands and products for every demographic.

There are many options for women’s and men’s clothing. There are also topical niches such as slow fashion, fast fashion and outdoor clothing.

There are many affiliate programs that you can sign up for, offering commissions from 2% to 50 percent.

You can start by recommending products from a well-respected fashion retailer such as Newchic or becoming an affiliate partner for a niche brand such as Rosegal.

  1. Gardening Products

There are many opportunities in the gardening industry, from the increasing popularity of indoor gardening to both the beauty and value that vertical gardens can bring to a home, so there is no shortage of them.

Thanks in large part to Grow It Yourself (GIY), there are even more opportunities for garden affiliates.

Promoting house plant subscription boxes like the SucculentsBox could be a way to start making money. SeedsNow offers a referral program which allows you to help gardening enthusiasts promote non-GMO seeds.


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